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Safety in the Garage
July 8, 2015
Safety Tips for Autumn
August 26, 2015
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Start the New School Year 2015

Practical Safety in School

Starting or returning to school should be an exciting time for parents and children. Kids should be able to experience a wide range of activities while attending school and Health and Safety measures should help them to do this safely, not stop them. It is important that children learn both at home and in school to understand and manage the risks that are a normal part of life. Safe Play  School Activities Boards of management, parents groups and teachers can use common sense when assessing and managing the risks of based school activity. Health and Safety policies and procedures should always be proportionate to the risks of an activity. Staff and others working with kids should be given the training they need so they can keep themselves and children safe, manage risks effectively and co-operate developing and promoting safety, health and welfare. The HSA provides Guidelines on Managing Safety, Health and Welfare in Primary Schools. These guidelines offer a good resource to schools and includes a sample chart (below) showing the range of safety duties in a school. This sample chart can help schools in preparing and promoting their own school specific chart. Sample - Safety Organisation Chart In our experience taking a common sense approach to risk assessment and risk management can enable safe participation in activities, not stop them. Safety, health and welfare is everyone’s responsibility and a school centred approach with all stakeholder working together helps promote and development a practical approach to safety, health and welfare in schools. As with every employer, a school must ensure that staff are given the health and safety information they need for their job. This certainly doesn’t mean that all employees have to attend a training course but it may simply mean providing staff with a basic instruction workshop or information day about health and safety in your school. For more information or to a arrange a FREE consultation please call (01) 8245799

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