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June 30, 2015
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July 8, 2015
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First Aid on the Pitch

First Aid for Female Football Players

Most local football teams are not in the position to have a doctors available on the sideline for training sessions or matches. What can be of help is a First-Aider who is trained and equipped to manage football injuries. The assigned First Aider really should be present at all training sessions and during matches to handle common football injuries. There jobs is to apply the principles learned at an Occupational First Aid training course.

We have looked at some research completed by FIFA called, First Aid on the Pitch, Health and Fitness for the Female Football Player – TC Ireland believe this advice while aimed a women footballers and coaches is equally transferable to male football players.

The advice is summed up with the mnemonic SALTAPS which aims to help you and your coach decide whether or not you or a team-mate  should continue to play or train.

  • S is for Stop play if a player goes down.
  • A is for Ask the player what happened and how they feel. Check facial expressions and posture (position either standing or lying down).
  • L is for Look at injured limbs for obvious signs of injury: bleeding, bruising, swelling, deformity. Take the player off if there are significant signs of injury.
  • T is for Touch the injured site if the player will let you. Gently palpate to find source of pain. If you are unsure, don’t touch or move the limb until a qualified person can assess the player.
  • A is for Active movement: Can the player move the limb, with or without pain? If unable to move – take the player off.
  • P is for Passive movement: If A applies, move the limb/joint to full extent and note reaction.
  • S is for Stand up (and play on): Is the player up and running or rather trying to “run it off”? Whatever the case, keep a close eye on her and replace if in doubt.

To learn more please visit Health and Fitness for the Female Football Player – A guide for players and coaches You can read pages 38 – 40 for further details about First Aid on the Pitch

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