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First Aid News and Tips

First Aid Skills – The Benefits

1. First Aid can save lives – training gives your team the confidence and ability to react straight away to a workplace incident, injury or illness. e.g. knowledge of CPR

2. First Aid can reduce the number of workplace accidents –  following training team members are generally more safety conscious and spot risks and potential incidents before they happen.

3. First Aid training –  can build clarity and confidence and reduce the chance of becoming overwhelmed by fear and confusion during an emergency.

4. First Aid kits – team members know the exact content of the first aid kit and are able to maintain and use supplies effectively during an emergency.

5. First Aid – helps reduce recovery time of the patient and can make all the difference during the wait for emergency services.

6. First Aid training offer the chance to team with colleagues, to build rapport and team building skills which are helpful across a wide range of situations.

7. First Aid skills learned for work are transferable to your community or your home.

Women – Health and Safety Representative

Its important to recognise that a workplace with a health and safety representative is a safer and healthier workplace.  TC Ireland want to encourage workers to take action and get involved as safety representatives for their workplace.

European research suggests that women are under-represented in the health and safety decision-making process. (Source: HSE, UK) . This needs to change and its up to the 975,000 women active in Ireland’s labour market to promote themselves as excellent candidates for safety representative positions as they arise within their organisations.

By representing your colleagues you’re taking a vital and rewarding role in:
  • helping to make your workplace healthy, safe and secure for all employees
  • ensuring women’s views and experience of workplace health and safety are taken into account equally.
  • keeping your colleagues updated and involved in health and safety matters
  • learning and sharing information on compliance and training with colleagues

Your participation as a safety representative will help you increase your skills and value in the workplace. It can help colleagues do their work more easily and safely which can boost morale, increase business productivity and reduces costs, all leading to a more successful business. Benefits around!

Why not Ask your employer about becoming a safety representative. Take the first steps and download the Safety Representative Handbook from the Health and Safety Authority in Ireland.

Occupational First Aid – Why Refresh?

The presence of trained first aid staff in the workplace provides colleagues with the confidence of knowing skilled support is available if an accident or injury occurs onsite.

The knowledge that members of your team have the practical skills to offer effective life support including CPR offers everyone onsite great peace of mind. It also shows employers are serious about taking care of staff in the workplace. In Ireland, Occupational First Aid certification is valid for 2 years after which refresher training is required.


TC Ireland - Example of CPR

Workplace Occupational First Aid requirements are outlined by the Irish Health and Safety Authority and depends on several factors including

  • the size and type of workplace
  • the numbers employed
  • the hazards arising in the workplace
  • dispersal / location of employees
  • access or proximity to medical services

Initial Occupational First Aid training is run over a 3 day course. After competing an exam all successful candidates will be awarded a QQI (FETAC) Level 5 certificate which is valid for 2 years. Pending the issuing of this certificate by QQI, learners can receive a certificate of completion from your trainer.

Refresher Training 

Refresher training is required when certification for an Occupational First Aid lapses after 2 years. A 1 day refresher course is deemed suitable if the lapse is less than 3 months. If the lapse is greater than 3 months a full 3 day certified training course is required.  To be a valid Occupational First Aid provider in Ireland, you must do the training in Ireland.

Click the link to learn more about Occupational First Aid or call 01 8245799 to speak with a team member.

Share date 18/06/2015

First Aid – choking

Choking happens when a foreign object becomes lodged in a persons or child’s windpipe. This restricts or blocks the flow of air to vital organs. In adults, the cause maybe a piece of food; in children it can be any small item entering their mouth.

This is a video one of our training team suggested we have a look at after some questions about choking came from a client.  We are now sharing on our website, as it may help you to help someone who is choking.

Further advice includes. remaining calm and hitting the person firmly on their back between the shoulder blades. To learn more call us on 01 8245799

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