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September 9, 2015
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September 24, 2015
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13 School Fire Safety Tips

13 School Fire Safety Tips

Kids safety at schools

Schools are a central pillar of community life in Ireland and all those involved in schools have responsibilities for their own safety, health and well-being and that of others. With this in mind each school should work to inform all stakeholders of these responsibilities.

An effective ways of doing this is to involve shareholders in monitoring school safety challenges and come up with a plan for your specific school which will you eliminate or minimise risks. This is particularly important today as more school undertake building projects to add extra capacity to accommodate growing numbers of students.

Our team has come up with a listed of 13 fire safety tips which we want to share with you. You might have others!

13 Fire Safety Tips

  1. Fire drills should be held every term while school is in session with the fire alarm system and smoke detectors tested to ensure they are fully operational.
  2. On fire drill day the fire alarm should be sounded so everyone is familiar with the sound of the alarm and knows what to do when it rings.
  3. Nominated safe officers should regularly inspect exits routes to ensure that corridors stairways, doors and other exits are accessible.
  4. At the end of the day all electrical appliances should be unplugged.
  5. Teachers, officials and staff should be familiar with the school’s fire warning system, including the location of the fire alarm or sprinkler systems.
  6. Every room in the school should have a route map displayed identifying two exits.
  7. In schools with open floor plans, exit paths should be clear and kept free of obstruction.
  8. All those in school on the day of the fire drill school should take part.
  9. Pupils with injuries, disabilities or specific needs should be assigned a buddy.
  10. Order and speed should be maintained to ensure a safe exit from the school building.
  11. Everyone should move to a well known and signed location until the ‘all clear’ is given.
  12. A school register can be used to ensure that every person in school is accounted for.
  13. Use expected and unexpected fire drills, these reflect actual emergencies.

And finally!

Students love to learn in different ways and a school fire drill is a great opportunity to share knowledge through participation.  Student can also engage parents to practice a home fire escape plan. It might even be a homework project!

One additional point worth noting , hearing loss affects 1 in 6 people in Ireland so you may need to think about students or staff with hearing loss and how best to ensure they are aware of a sounding fire alarm.

You might also like to access a copy of the Guidelines on Managing Safety Health and Welfare in Primary Schools here or you can download a copy from the HSA website.

Link to free copy http://www.hsa.ie/eng/Education/Guidelines_on_Managing_Safety_Health_and_Welfare_in_Primary_Schools.pdf
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